3 ways Journaling makes my life better

I am a big fan of journaling. Here is why:

Sometimes, I get stuck on a thought. Writing these thoughts in my journal helps me to understand them.

Let the thoughts remain in the journal.

Reading past journals always gives me insight. From vocabulary, I can see where my state of mind. From penmanship, the intensity of emotions.

Many journal entries elicit vivid memories.

I like to keep my daily to-do list in my journal.

To-do list tip: Find one thing that is the most valuable to get done. I based this idea on the book The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary Results.

The journey is one step at a time.

Those are 3 simple ways that my journals help me. I like to create my own custom journals, here is one of my latest: Journal with ‘One-Thing’ To-Do. Enjoy the day!



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